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In five decades since India’s Independence, the Indian soldier has repeatedly made the supreme sacrifice. India owes an immeasurable debt to the untold thousands of soldiers who have died uncelebrated in her service. The 21 recipients of the Param Vir Chakra are the few acknowledged symbols of the unknown soldiers and their many exceptional acts of courage and sacrifice. A willful act of self-sacrifice performed as an act of duty can only come from tremendous training in character.

The author Shyam Kumari of Sri Aurobindo Ashram deserves to be complimented on this laudable project she has undertaken to write the acts of bravery of some of these heroes in two volumes. There are a number of books written on these brave heroes, but Shyam Kumari has written their acts in a very simple language after having interviewed their near and dear ones to get the true incidents. These stories should motivate all of us especially the youth of the nation to do the same in every action of our daily lives.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Date of Publication: 2021-09-01
Language: English

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