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‘Look who’s talking‘ is written from the heart; it’s deep, yet so simple. It uplifts, inspires, informs and leaves you asking for more. It is easy to read and highly descriptive. Ostensibly an autobiographic parable, this story has a message for readers of all ages – about kindness, compassion, love and companionship.
A to and fro eloquent rendition between the author and a diva like, rescued dwarf dog, makes this book an entertaining and enthralling bouquet of repartee, wit, humor and emotions. Without giving away the essence of the story, yet disclosing just enough, let’s just say, the magic is in how it unfolds.
‘Look who’s talking’ is the metaphorical small package that all good things come in. Short, sweet, poignant and heartwarming, this book is sure to bring a smile on your face, and make a home in your heart.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 76
Date of Publication: 2021-05-01
Language: English

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