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This is the first volume in a series of books that covers Indian history from the earliest times to August 1947, when India achieved independence from foreign rule. This volume covers the prehistoric antecedents before the Indus Valley Civilisation and gives a vivid account of the developments that took place in the Indian sub-continent till the demise of the glorious Maurya dynasty. In doing so, the book describes the evolution of languages and religion, examines cultural and other factors that have influenced the evolution of Indian civilisation and also vibrantly portrays the historical events that took place during this period of over 5000 years. The author also provides his own succinct comments on the events that took place in antiquity as have been reported in, and corroborated by, various sources. This book is a worthy addition to the analysis of Indian history.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 272
Date of Publication: 2016-08-01
Language: English
Genre: History | Asia - India & South Asia

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