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Storytelling is an art form, a descriptive account of an event or a succession of events. In this case, all 118 stories within its pages are true and for the most part, describe a calamitous event in each individual's life during the 2nd World War. They all add emotion and physical details to plain facts. We all have story's to convey and when you think about them, the really good ones will actually move us, and in this case, all of them will make us think to some degree because they come from an era we often cannot relate to. Some will shock you; others will bring you to tears, some may even make you smile or laugh. All of them will definitely make you ponder about your life, and what it could have been like if Britain and her allies had not won the Second World War.

Format: Hardbound
Pages: 568
Date of Publication: 2020-09-21
Language: English
Genre: History | Military - General

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