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This book projects up a thematic overview of Bangladesh civil-military relations over more than four decades by emphasizing on Marxist-Leninist lens. The book argues that Bangladesh military has a legacy of coups which began during the Pakistan era. Because of its organisational skill, structure, recruitment, ideology, colonial and the Pakistan legacy, and the fact of its involvement in the liberation war, the army had a stronger position than any other organisation in the state. It tried to elucidate the historical and post-independent nature of civil-military relations by applying Marxist Leninist Analysis of army and civil military relations. At the end, book stresses on the right balance between political leadership and army in working to develop a modernised political and military system without compromising the external and internal security interests of the country.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 290
Date of Publication: 2022-02-01
Language: English

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