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Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson

Kidnapped is one of the classic historical fiction books by Robert Louis Stevenson, set in 18th-century Scotland. First published in 1866, the story narrates the adventures of a teenage lad, David, who leaves his countryside home to find his uncle after his father’s death and seek his inheritance. His miser of an uncle ploys against him and mercilessly sells him to a ship’s captain to be sold as an American slave. 

However, young David’s future was meant for something else – his ship crashes into another boat and sinks it. 

Kidnapped is a thrilling coming-of-age novel about David as he transforms from a naïve boy to a courageous and resourceful man.  It is filled with thoughtful actions and edge-of-the-seat thrills, and danger. It shows how David fights his captors and travels across Scotland, meeting cheerful people and colorful characters along the way. 

Author Robert Louis Stevenson stupendously depicts Scotland’s brutal reality in the 18th century, excellently capturing the political upheaval and poverty, making Kidnapped one of the bestsellers fiction books of all time

The best aspect of the book is how Stevenson developed his characters throughout the book. David goes through a lot of changes in the novel, just as we go through in our lives, taking the best from our experiences and leaving the residues behind. Each character in his journey that David encounters is well-designed and depicted. You can easily relate to each of them, making the story even more gripping. 

And as usual, Stevenson’s writing is quite unique, evocative, and descriptive. He has done quite a good job of researching the country’s history.

However, the language is a little rough, as the author uses Scottish words in many places. But if you are an avid reader and have read the old and new Scottish language before, you will find the book quite authentic and natural, adding the needed realism to the story. Besides, Stevenson is successful in painting the picture of the raw and rugged Scottish landscape and the rural people who live in it. 

Overall, the Kidnapped is a well-written, classic Scottish novel that is worth your time. It is complete fiction: drama, adventure, thrill, danger, beauty, a structured plot, and well-defined characters. 

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